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Lea Stein


Lea Stein BrocheLea Stein Broche Fox

Wij verkopen al een hele tijd de broches van Lea Stein. Zoals Atilla the cat, Fox en Quarrelsome the cat.

Wikipedia over Lea Stein:
Stein entered the fashion industry in 1957 working in textiles, and by 1965 had developed an interest in plastic. She worked with her husband, chemist Ferdinand Steinberger, to develop a process of layering very thin sheets of cellulose acetate (or rhodoid) and laminating them to form a “multi-coloured sandwich of plastic”. Each ‘sandwich’ was baked for a long time, then cooled and cut into shapes. The process could take as long as six months. This technique allowed Stein to insert different fabrics (such as brocades and lace), colors and textures into the plastic.

Alle broches zijn uniek en de kleuren en de texturen in het materiaal zijn heel mooi.

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